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Nora Kamm works with a band of very talented and well-rounded musicians: Thibaud Saby (piano), Yann Phayphet (bass) and Marc Michel (drums).

Together, their merging personalities give off a strong stage presence, and a grooving unity which is entirely their own. Their music is catchy, "full of life, meaningful, true and sincere" thanks to "the togetherness of the band that needs but a single move, look or breath to understand one another."(Daniel Kirchner, Jazz Rhône-Alpes).

Nora draws from many inspirations throughout her compositions. "Her Jazz stems from soul music and its funky evolution, also integrating rhythms and harmonies from Eastern European traditional music, the Balkans, but also the far East and Brazil." (Philippe Simonci, Jazz Rhône-Alpes)

This particular mix and weaving of influences is precisely what makes her music so original. It is full of very melodious themes, both appealing by their simplicity, but also their rhythmical complexities and flawless composition.

The Nora Kamm Quartet made its debut in 2014 with appearances at the Crest Vocal Jazz Festival and the Lyon Opera House. There, the group was described as "the highlight of an evening of rhythmic and emotive jazz" (Daniel Kirchner, Jazz Rhône-Alpes). In September 2014 they recorded three video clips in the studios of the French television channel France 3, and their first record is due end of 2015.



Dreisam began in 2011 when three musicians from three different countries (France, Brazil and Germany) met to form a rich mix of cultures. Dreisam is a cosmopolitan group with a suave, polychromatic sound that takes you to a world of different colours and spicy tonalities, always creating music that “very deeply touches the heart” (Georges Kiossef). 

Their album « Source » was released in autumn 2014 under the label Diapason/Absilone. In the french press, reviews were overwhelmingly positive without exception: It received the « Révélation! » award in the Jazzman Magazine, « Sélection » on FIP Radio (major Jazz Radio in France) and « Séléction Jazz » in the famous morning TV-emission « Télématin» (France 2).

« Source is the album of a trio in perfect symbiosis »
(Bob Hatteau, Jazz à Babord)

Camille Thouvenot’s lyrical and enveloping piano, the imaginative and harmonic drums of Zaza Desiderio, and Nora Kamm’s soft and spellbinding saxophone “send you on a voyage, a series of images, of landscapes with perfect themes. It’s music that flows seamlessly. ” Combining the richness of their diverse horizons, when performing in Freiburg ( Germany ) in 2011, these three young artists immediately won the audiences over.

In March 2012, the trio was selected for the “ Tremplin Jazz(s)RA ” competition, a platform to promote Jazz in the Rhône-Alpes region. They have played in a large number of festivals, including Jazz à Vienne, Altitude Jazz Festival, A Vaulx Jazz, Fort en Jazz, Un Doua de Jazz, Jazz en Touraine, Jazz dans les Vignes, as well as the Lyon Opera.

They also performed in different Jazz clubs in the Rhone-Alpes region and in the South of France as well as several Parisian venues such as the Sunside, Le Petit Journal Montparnasse and the “Péniche l’Improviste”.

This young band arouses both curiosity and enthusiasm, which will surely be confirmed next time you see them on stage.
(Jazzman Magazine)

Source is the album of a trio in perfect harmony, made of exchanges, full of complicity and delectable modernity.
(Bob Hatteau, Journaliste pour Le Monde, Blog  Jazz à Babord)

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